Grime: The Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) Urban Street Ambassador (USA)  teams are actively involved in beautification efforts, such as creating Monarch butterfly migration stations and planting flowers and Monarch-friendly plants that help improve the ecosystems along the Avenue. Over the past year, the CID has also increased the number of flower bed plantings, using native flowering varieties that  enhance the Monarch butterfly migratory stations along the Independence Avenue corridor

After reviewing a number of locations along The Avenue that were tagged with graffiti frequently, the primary focus for the graffiti removal effort chosen was the infamous Independence Avenue low-clearance bridge near Independence and White Avenues. CID USA’s worked diligently to remove 100% of the illegal graffiti tags from all exposed areas of the bridge. Stay tuned though, later this year the CID will make a big announcement about a groundbreaking collaborative project that will greatly enhance the appearance of the infamous and undefeated Independence Avenue Bridge. 

Crime: Currently the Independence Avenue corridor is experiencing an increase in tresspassing and shoplifting, causing concern among business community there. 

To tackle this issue, the Independence Avenue CID has collaborated with our Titan Security Avenue Angels to establish specialized crime prevention measures such as implementing more self initiated investigative measures and maintaining an increased presence in higher crime areas such as Independence Avenue and Wilson Rd. 

Titan Security Avenue Angels also conduct weekly meetings, every Friday at 3 pm, called Four Corners Community Calls, at locations throughout the CID footprint to discuss safety measures with local businesses and any stakeholders that may be  in attendance, all with the aim of creating a safer and more pleasant shopping experience along the Independence Avenue International Marketplace corridor. 

Join them this coming Friday at Spalitto’s Pharmacy located at 3801 Independence Avenue.

Chime: The Independence Avenue CID also provides numerous financial incentives to member businesses such as the Northeast Chamber of Commerce Facade Rebate Program. Member businesses may apply for matching funds from the Northeast Chamber and the CID for improvements they make to their front building facade. These matching rebate beautification funds help to create a more cohesive look for the Avenue’s business community. They also act as an outstanding economic development tool that encourages other businesses to participate in the program, creating a better-looking International Marketplace along the Avenue corridor.

For example, last year the CID helped the building owner of 2629 Independence Ave and replaced the whole exterior of the facade.

The CID Storefront Rebate Program will match up to $5,000 for facade improvements. 


Spalitto’s Pharmacy
3801 Independence Ave.