EllieAna Hale
Community Engagement Intern & Reporter

Welcome to Northeast Narratives, a vibrant multimedia project poised to capture the essence of our beloved Historic Northeast community. Through this dynamic magazine, we go on a journey of our rich history, a celebration of community engagement, highlighting local resources, and sharing inspiring stories of everyday people and social non-profits.

At the heart of our initiative lies a commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of our past, present, and future. Through working on this project, we delved into the historical tapestry of the Northeast, unearthing key events, landmarks, and cultural aspects that have shaped the identity of the Historic Northeast. Through engaging storytelling and impactful visuals, we aimed to preserve our heritage and celebrate the diverse experiences that define us.

EllieAna Hale

But Northeast Narratives is more than just a reflection of our past; it’s a catalyst for positive change. We wanted to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of individuals, groups, and projects that strengthen our community bonds. From highlighting neighborhood resources to spotlighting the invaluable work of local non- profits, we wanted to inspire active participation and support.

Our magazine is not just a publication; it’s a platform for unity, pride, and collective action. Through inclusive storytelling and a commitment to authenticity, we seek to amplify the voices of our residents and promote a deeper sense of belonging.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to join us.

Welcome to Northeast Narratives – where every story matters, and together, we write the narrative of our community’s future.

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