Michael Bushnell

The Indian Mound Neighborhood is hosting two public engagement sessions this week to discuss traffic calming measures along St. John Avenue between Belmont Blvd. and Jackson Avenue, the neighborhood association’s eastern and western borders respectively.

The two public meetings will be held at and hosted by Healing House at 4505 St. John on Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7pm and on Saturday, May 18th from 2 to 3:30pm. Officials from the city’s Public Works Department will be on hand at each meeting to discuss the various options with residents.

In tandem with the Indian Mound Neighborhood’s St. John focused project, the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association is also requesting $500,000 from the city’s PIAC (Public Improvements Advisory Committee) in order to implement similar calming measures along St. John between Elmwood Ave. and Benton Blvd., Scarritt’s eastern and western boundaries.

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According to Scarritt Renaissance Board member Jeff Linville, their efforts will be focused on five key intersections, those being, from east to west, Kensington, Jackson, Monroe, Askew and Indiana. Linville noted that the design in Scarritt would be almost a mirror image of the Public Works recommendations so that continuity would remain the same along the length of the St. John corridor.

For additional information on the proposed improvements and traffic maps produced by the Indian Mound Neighborhood, click this link to our previous story: https://northeastnews.net/pages/traffic-calming-measures-slated-for-st-john-ave/

Additional information on the corridor study as a whole can be found here: https://www.kcmo.gov/Home/Components/FacilityDirectory/FacilityDirectory/211/1750?fsiteid=1&npage=3#!/.

Additional history and background on planning measures along St. John, the 2005 St. John Corridor Infrastructure and Land Use plan can be reviewed here: https://www.kcmo.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/1423/636958607075030000.

The Truman Plaza Area Plan, implemented in 2012 also makes recommendations to the St. John corridor. That plan can be found here: https://www.kcmo.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/10618/638200071203100000