Rev ED conference

Daisy Garcia Montoya
Education Reporter

RevED, a non-profit organization focused on education, is preparing for its second annual conference, Padres Empoderados, or Empowered Parents, where families will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops related to education.

The conference will take place on September 9 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the conference room at the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium. The event will be completely in Spanish as well as free to all attendees.

Among the topics that will be discussed, participants will be able to attend empowerment sessions and conversations on education, health and civics.

The free conference was created with the purpose of offering families the opportunity to learn more about academic performance in Kansas City and how they can be involved in their children’s academic life.

According to RevEd, in the Kansas City metropolitan area there are about 52,000 Latino students with only 256 educators who identify as Latino. As the local education system is alarmingly below expected proficiency and achievement levels compared to other racial, cultural and ethnic groups, the conference seeks to bring the community together to learn how to work together to improve the educational system.

Christy Moreno, Chief Community Advocacy & Impact Officer at RevED, said that this collaboration between families, leaders and the general community is necessary to improve the education of students.

“Our children are our greatest treasure and the reason for many of our decisions as families,” Moreno said. “It is time to make a formal commitment to your school success, because your well-being and your future depend on it. Let’s work together in community for them!”

Apart from school education, there will be motivational workshops that will address mental health issues, how to support each other in the family, how to prevent and support substance abuse, and how parents can support their bilingual children.

The keynote speaker will talk about raising children through compassion and a deep love of service; and how to become advocates and a support system.

“I am excited to meet and be in community with powerful parents who care about their children’s education and the future of their community. They are engaged parents seeking better educational outcomes for their children,” said Ivan Ramirez, Director of Digital Experience at RevEd. “Padres Empoderados offers parents the necessary tools to advocate for their children’s education. A community of advocates and changemakers who understand that this work cannot be done alone. This work starts with us.”

In addition to the workshops, other organizations will also be present to offer information and resources. Among the organizations that will be present are the Mexican Consulate, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Literacy KC, ShowMe KC Schools, Latinx Education Collaborative, Te lo Cuento News, among others.

Recognizing the responsibilities of parents, RevEd has also committed to offering 50 free childcare slots for ages 3-12. Participants’ children will have the opportunity to tour the new zoo and aquarium as well as have art tutoring provided by the Latino Art Foundation. There is a limit of two children per family as space is limited.

To register and see more information about the conference, visit, send a message via Whatsapp to RevEd at (816) 200-1377; or email