RobyLane Kelley
Editorial Intern

Revolución Educativa (RevED) and the Latinx Education Collaborative (LEC) plan to host a free, youth entrepreneurship workshop for high school and college-aged students from 5:30 to 7 p.m., July 15 through 18 at 2203 Lexington Ave.

Deanna Munoz | Photo Courtesy

With a cap of 25 students, this course will provide emerging entrepreneurs with resources and mentoring opprotunities, according to Iván Ramirez —  RevED director of digital experiences.  The class schedule includes building a financial foundation and starting, growing and pivoting a small business. Among course speakers includes Deanna Munoz — Latino Arts Foundation Founder.

This youth entrepreneur summer camp will supply students with community networking and new business education. Additionally, Ramirez said business planning lessons will be offered. 

“Every business needs a plan, and these lessons can help participants go from concept to having a business,”  Ramirez said. “Participants will learn how to create a budget, form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and steps every small business owner should take to make their dream a reality.”

For those interested, sign ups are available at  Future event updates are additionally provided on RevEd and LEC social media pages.

Partnered with Bank of America, class content  will be provided in both English and Spanish.  RevEd will instruct  adult, entrepreneur courses in the fall “for our Spanish-speaking parents, caretakers and community in general,” Ramirez said.