Dorri Partain

Since its first issue in 1932, The Northeast News has been headquartered at several different addresses.

Founding publisher Matthew Orr (1888-1963) worked from a small office at 102 S. Brighton, which by 1938 had been replaced by an addition to the neighboring Budd Park Christian Church.

While the next location is unknown, Tom Patton and Howard Hill purchased the publication in the 1950’s and by 1964 were doing business at 3615 St. John Ave. The paper was published at that time on Thursdays.

In 1975, new owners Terry and Mary Brock moved the news offices to 6612 Independence Ave. Still titled “The Northeast News,” ads were more prevalent than news as the paper’s focus continued to shift. The Brocks took the publication to 4603 St. John Ave. after vacating their Independence Avenue office.

Operating as Northeast Publishing, Inc. the Brocks also offered typesetting as Northeast Typography. A brochure produced to promote this service shows 19 typefaces with bold, italic, bold italic options, and 16 specialty types, and reads, “Northeast Typography offers customers access to its graphics library, which contains tens of thousands of illustrations on virtually every subject. Need professional copy editing for your publication? Northeast Typography’s experienced staff can provide this service.” The typography side of the business had its own phone number, 241-3255, which has been retained as a fax number for the House of News.

In 1998, Terry Brock, then a widower, sold the publication to Northeast residents Michael Bushnell and Christine Adams, who focused on returning The Northeast News to a community news publication. The news office continued to operate at 4603 St. John until 2001, moving into a former real estate office at 5715 St. John Ave., since dubbed “The House of News.”

With a new sign that better reflected the publication’s brand, the old metal signs that projected out above the doorway at 4603 were left behind. Found languishing behind the old building earlier this year, the News Dog sniffed them out and the 3-by-6 foot signs will be on display at The Northeast News’ new location, 2659 Independence Ave.