Michael Bushnell

Rose Marie Serrone opened her flower and gift shop in a single story Art Deco-style building in 1946 located at 2659 Independence Blvd. Rose Marie’s Floral & Gift Shop became a staple of the Northeast community and soon grew to include two large greenhouses behind the building used for growing annuals and perennials. While the store was run by Mrs. Serrone, it was a family operation that involved her husband Pat and Pat’s brother, Pete Serrone.

Rose Marie’s Floral & Gift Shop closed in 1996 after a 50-year run on the Avenue. Following its closure, the space was leased as a real estate office by Historic KC Homes and then a dental office. Since 2013, the iconic space has been used by the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce as its Economic Growth Gallery (EGG) and event space.

Now the 76-year-old Art-Deco building will also be the new home of The Northeast News. Yep, you heard right. The 90-year-old award-winning weekly community news journal will continue to operate under the banner of Historic Northeast Media Incorporated, (HNE Media Inc.) a registered Missouri 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.