Erin William
Northeast News 

Is your Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) student looking for free backpacks, school supplies, and the immunizations they needs to go back to school this fall? Mark your calendars for this year’s KCPSfest, open to students enrolled in the KCPS district, held on Saturday, August 5.

KCPSfest is an event where the KCPS Education Foundations work in partnership with local health providers like the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, Children’s Mercy and Swope Health. They provide students with the school supplies they will need and also the required immunizations to keep them healthy as they enter the school year. 

At the event there will be two main stops where students will receive the resources they need. At the first stop at 1924 Van Brunt Blvd., students will receive a backpack filled with the “standard set” of school supplies including pencils, pens, notebooks, colored pencils, glue, scissors and other materials needed for classes this year. As families continue further into the parking lot, students will be given immunizations, lead testing, and COVID-19 vaccinations.

KCPS recognizes how expensive back to school shopping is, foundation director Nicole Collier-White said, “especially if you have multiple kids.” The annual event hopes to offset the cost of supplies.

The event has already garnered significant community interest, with over 2,200 families signed up to participate so far. To make this event possible, KCPS has received support from the KCPS Education Foundation, local partners, and many individual and group donations. Also, dozens of dedicated volunteers will be on-site to assist with the smooth execution of the event.

According to Collier-White, the event launched eight years ago in order to “bring down barriers between students and access to education.”

KCPS is excited to have folks join them, Collier-White said, offering a reminder to parents that all KCPS schools will be starting August 21, 2023. 

Families in need of such resources should be sure to attend the event. It will be held in the East High School parking lot off of Van Brunt Blvd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Families must register on Eventbrite prior to attending the event. It will be easier if parents have the confirmation email of their registration handy when entering the event, Collier White said. For more information on the event and other opportunities, visit