Erin William
Editorial Assistant

Are you wanting to rent affordable housing? Have no idea where to look or even how to get started? Kansas City’s Housing Locator is a great place to look. The recently launched locator is live and ready for local KC tenants to search for affordable rental properties. Users should visit to view detailed information about rental properties including price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, utilities, application fee and more.

In order to use the navigation tool, users must know the zip code and county of the area they would like to live. Once entering the Zip code into the database, users will be given a list of available properties in the area. The website allows users to filter the shown listings in order of price (from highest to lowest or vice versa) or other features including building type, address, realty company and more.

The Locator is not only limited to renters as property owners and managers may use the website to manage their rental listings at NO CHARGE – a feature that sets the KC Housing Locator from other resources.

Be sure to check out the KC Housing Locator if you’re a resident looking for a rental property or a property owner looking to manage their properties for free.