Grace Kertz
Northeast News

Tired of packing a PB&J every day? Sick of eating plain carrots Mom threw in your lunch? Packing lunches can be simple, even if you haven’t taken a cooking class.

Foods like wraps, sandwiches and salads are easy to make, use food items your family may already have at home, and are delicious because you can put what YOU want in them!

To make a wrap, you need:
Dressing or spread

For my wrap, I started by laying down a spinach tortilla. Then, I stirred a salad mix with Hawaiian dressing. I spread hummus on the tortilla and plopped the salad on top. After that, I added pre-cooked rotisserie chicken for protein. I topped it with extras: avocado slices, almond slivers, feta cheese, and seasoning! Finally, I folded the sides of the tortilla in, rolled it up, and cut it in half. Served with ranch dressing and fruit.