Meet Kayley Hudlemeyer, a Titan Security Avenue Angel working for the Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID). Hudlemeyer comes to the CID after previous assignments at a Country Club Plaza Hotel and the Waldo CID. As the newly appointed Sergeant on the team, she supervises six Avenue Angels assigned to the CID that work from sunup to past sundown keeping Avenue businesses and residents safe.

Hudlemeyer’s favorite part of working on the Avenue? 

“I honestly say the community because I go out and make these connections with all the different businesses and the different people out here and the entire community is your family,” she said. “There is such a diversity of the different places and businesses like the Somali mall, and all the different Hispanic places. It’s just something that I feel more brought together with society.”

Hudlemeyer understands that no two days are alike working along the Avenue. Earlier this month she was dispatched on a welfare call in the parking lot of a now-closed laundromat in the 3400 block of Independence Avenue. Upon arrival she found a man named Rick, curled up in some blankets and virtually unresponsive. Rick, as it turned out, was literally passing away in front of Hudlemeyer’s eyes. Working creatively with the property owner, police and EMS personnel, she was finally able to get Rick transported to an area crisis center, out of the cold, where he could get the care he needed.

“Out here, you understand the mental health aspect and you understand how much of an advocate we are at times,” Hudlemeyer said. “I just found out today that he passed away…at least he was cared for instead of passing away on the cold ground. I hope he rests in peace.”

Hudlemeyer was also  the first person on the scene of a hit and run accident on November 30th that left a pedestrian in serious condition. “I was dispatched to a call on the other end of the Avenue and as I was looking for a place to turn around, I pulled up on a person laying in the middle of the road,” Hudlemeyer said.  “A woman ran up to me and said I didn’t see him, I hit him. As soon as I notified our dispatcher to send EMS and Police, the woman ran back to her vehicle and she bolted off westbound on Independence Avenue.”

“A pedestrian gave me a bag of clean towels and I grabbed one, putting pressure on his head wound, telling him to stay with me, open your eyes, you need to stay with me, I have EMS en route to you.” That victim was transported to an area hospital in serious but stable condition. Hudlemeyer noted that she was so busy working on the victim that getting descriptors on the suspect vehicle other than it was a darker, silver sedan was next to impossible. 

Hudlemeyer is currently studying Forensic Investigations at Washburn University in hopes of landing a position with a local Police Department.