Michael Bushnell

Two Kansas City men, both with gang ties to Kansas City’s East Side have been charged with a multitude of felony charges after a shooting event at Crown Center on January 17th of this year.

Brian Fevela, 22 and Joel Olivas, 23, have been charged with 26 felony charges in connection with the shooting according to court documents that were unsealed Wednesday, February 27th. Olivas and Fevela both face three counts of unlawful use of a weapon, six counts of armed criminal action, first-degree terroristic threat and three counts of first-degree harassment.

According to court documents, both men are affiliated with a long standing East Side gang called 9Mob or 9th Street Mob, referring to the 9th street corridor specifically near 9th and Van Brunt Boulevard.

Detectives said the individuals involved in the shooting are associated with two groups that engage in an “ongoing pattern of violent activity in the metro area” and they are aware of previous violent feuds in 2015 that Fevela, along with some of his family members and their associates, had with people who live in the West Side area of Kansas City.

Both men are being held in the Jackson County Detention Center. Prosecutors have requested a $500,000 bail.