The Kansas City Museum is excited to participate in a collaboration with the Belger Glass Annex, which has been invited to design and fabricate a glass installation that will be on permanent display at the Museum.

A design has been presented and approved by the Kansas City Museum. Now Belger Arts is seeking nine glass artists for the fabrication and installation of the design’s glass facets and forms. The nine-person team will consist of three gaffers and six assistants. The nine artists will work in the Belger Glass Annex hotshop and will also participate in cold working, transit, assembly, and installation. 

Who is eligible? 

Early to established glass artists based in the United States.

Project goals:

  • To assemble a diverse group of glass artists and provide them with a creative, educational environment, in which they will learn, thrive, and build upon existing skills.
  • To create a glass installation reflective of the mission and vision of the Kansas City Museum.

Project Partners:

  • Belger Arts is an arts organization with three locations in Kansas   City, Missouri’s urban core. The Belger Arts Center exhibits contemporary art from the Belger Collection, and by a rich variety of local, national, and international artists. Belger Crane Yard Studios is an arts complex that provides studio and exhibition space for artists, plus a range of programming in ceramics education. The Belger Glass Annex is a state-of-the-art glass blowing studio that hosts artist demos, hosts visiting artists, and where classes are taught.  
  • The Kansas City Museum is a city museum. This means it is a museum that tells the stories of Kansas City and its people. The Museum tells these stories through exhibits, programs, and events that focus on history and the humanities. The Kansas City Museum cultivates awareness and knowledge about the City’s past, present, and future to connect people, places, and perspectives with the goal of fostering learning, encouraging conversations, promoting health and well-being, and illuminating a shared humanity.

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