Hear ye, hear ye!

A fine canine has departed this Earth.
Bandit Barnardo launched himself over the rainbow bridge, via an endless supply of noxious gasses, straight into black hole form. A large void, if you will.

For eleven years, Bandit lovingly wrapped his stink around our family and friends. While he did not favor other cats and dogs, he was fiercely loyal to his people. With such affinity came a long roster of nicknames: Bandit Boy, Bandletron, Bandito, Sidewinder, Bandit Guy With the One Eye, and the obvious One-eyed Bandit. He aged beautifully; the more aesthetically salty he appeared, the sweeter and more snuggly he became.

Bandit is survived by three dog beds strategically placed in sunny spots, absurd dog luggage so his humans could take him everywhere, a beloved poop emoji toy that no longer makes humorous flatulence noises during work calls, one heartbroken toddler, two devastated parents, and a longing infant searching for the tapping of his feet.

We are so thankful for your love and will miss you forever.

Yours always,

Whitney, Jon, Berg and Nola Barnardo