The Missouri Highway Patrol (MHP) is investigating a Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) officer-involved shooting at Family Dollar near Sixth and Prospect tonight.

Around 7:50 p.m., KCPD officers following up on a previous dispatch from the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department (KCKPD).

“Kansas City, Kan., Police had dispatched over their air alert alleged armed carjacking that occurred in their city,” MHP Sergeant Andy Bell said. “Kansas City, Mo., officers spotted this vehicle, a very good description was given along with a license plate, along with two suspects. That vehicle was located here at the Family Dollar General parking lot.”

Bell said two cars with two officers approached the suspect vehicle, at which time a male, the driver, fled on foot northeast from the parking lot on foot. Two officers pursued.

“A female suspect exited the passenger seat, she got into the parking lot near about four or five vehicles,” Bell said. “Now, a handgun – suspect handgun – was located in the parking lot near a vehicle and two officers have discharged their firearm.”

One person, the female passenger, was shot by KCPD officers. She was transported for serious injuries. At last update provided by MHP, she’s in stable condition at an area hospital.

The male suspect was unharmed, but was transported for an unrelated medical issue. No officers or witnesses were injured during this encounter, according to MHP.

The MHP’s Division of Drug and Crime Control investigators are on the scene.

“They have been here for a while processing the scene,” Bell said. “It will be an ongoing investigation. Everything we have right now is completely preliminary. This didn’t occur that long ago. The information we have now is fairly accurate.”

MHP could not confirm if the gun belonged to the victim nor the alleged carjacker.

“There’s going to be intricate details that has to be followed up all right. So if any video cameras are available, if any body cameras available, if any witnesses other than officers themselves are available, everything’s going to be analyzed and scrutinized by our investigators as it is,” Bell said.

MHP could not confirm if either of the occupants of the car shot at police.

“It’s not clear if they fired, at least at this time,” Bell said. “Again, those things are going to be analyzed and scrutinized. “

MHP could not confirm if the gunshot victim was handcuffed after she was shot, as bystanders at the scene said.

“We never want to be in these type of situations, not the public, not the police department,” KCPD Interim Chief of Police Joseph Mabin said. “Anytime anything happens like this, it’s a blight on our community. I want to assure the public that the scene is secure. There’s no ongoing threat. The highway patrol will be investigating this incident. We’re committed to being 100% transparent, fully cooperate with the highway patrol. This is a holiday weekend. It’s time for friends it for family, not a time for violence.”

Investigators to not expect to provide further update, aside from the status of the victim or identifying the suspects.

Early Saturday morning, the shooting victim was identified as 26-year-old Leonna M. Hale of Kansas.

The KCKPD will continue investigating the alleged carjacking at this time.