Dear editor:

I am writing to you about the upcoming Mayoral and City Council election on June 23rd. A lot has been talked about streetcar expansion and jobs for people. But where do the candidates stand on public safety and basic city services, like street repairs, sidewalks and curbs and other basic services?

Like for one, how about the ambulance service with the KC Fire Department, that took place in April 2010, which is five years old to this day? Where do the candidates stand on the Fire Department’s pilot plan on ALS pumpers, which is something I’ve been supportive of since the pilot program started up a few years ago. Because I believe the citizens will get the best of medical help with a paramedic on a fire pump. Does patient care and assessment until the paramedic ambulance arrive and takes over for the patient care and assessment.

Also, where do they stand on rehabbing the old fire stations that were built back in the 1960s? And also, about better fire equipment and other things? Also, where do they stand on crime in Kansas City, like the murder rate?

This is just a few things that really need to be addressed, before going to the polls to vote on Tuesday, June 23rd. I just sure hope they can address the issues.

Charlie Aiello
Northeast Resident