The NewsDog stumbled across a whole bunch of Do-Gooders in Kessler Park just after lunch today.

Delana Kerley, that’s her on the far right in the picture below, led a group of youth from St. Steven’s Global Methodist Church in Amarillo, Texas that were making the grounds of the Colonnade in Concourse Park look a lot better.

This is only half the bunch as the
rest of the group was hard-laboring over near The Reservoir, working with crews from the city’s Parks department on clearing invasive honeysuckle from the hillside on Cliff Drive.

Kerley noted that since they were from the Texas Panhandle, nobody had ever experienced poison ivy. Til now. Somewhere in Kansas City there’s a Wal Mart that ran dry of calamine lotion and sold out of cheap long pants and Benadryl.

The effort is coordinated through the Parks & Recreation Department’s Parks Ambassador Program. Kelly Turner and her faithful sidekick Sara Becker spend the summer months coordinating volunteers in the various parks across the city and this week and next week, Kessler Park and
Cliff Drive will be getting some extra lovin courtesy of the Parks

This community minded Newsdog says Thanks!