This week’s Throwback Thursday goes back to our November 7th, 1968 edition, immediately following the Presidential election. Funny how that all works, huh! Enjoy!

Front page news, three Democrat candidates, Keating, Royster and Gant crush their GOP opponents. This never was a GOP stronghold and still isn’t today.

Also front page news was a public discussion of a proposed, 700-unit,
low to middle income housing project located on the North side of 23rd street just East of Topping. A quick drive down 23rd between Topping and Bennington tells you all you need to know about the ultimate outcome as Park Tower Gardens, now Blue Valley Townhomes presently occupies the

Also in this edition, Northeast youth got a chance to submit a name for
a new park located on the Northwest corner of 12th street and Prospect Avenue. First prize was a $100 Savings Bond. The park is now named Prospect Plaza Park.

On the advertising side of the house, the Manufacturers and Mechanics
Bank at 6400 Independence Avenue can serve all your banking needs.

If the nightlife is your thing, Wally’s Jackson Hoe and The Monroe Inn
(home of the 40-cent hi-ball) can certainly fill the entertainment bill!