Michael Bushnell

Phillip Sollomi opened the Wishbone Restaurant in 1948 in a renovated private residence, just north of the Country Club Plaza at 4455 Main St. The restaurant specialized in fried chicken and prime rib dinners and was home to the wildly popular Wishbone Italian salad dressing created from a recipe from Sollomi’s wife, Lena. The couple began local bottling of the dressing soon after opening the restaurant. The Thomas J. Lipton Company purchased the Wishbone operation in the late 50s, then established a manufacturing plant near 35th and Noland Road in 1962 expressly to produce Wishbone salad dressing and Lipton Teas. The description on the back of the card reads, “The Wishbone, completely air conditioned, Home of the famous Wishbone Salad Dressing, Available at your neighborhood grocer. Private Dining Rooms, Catering to lunch & dinner parties, featuring excellent service in an air of gracious hospitality.”