Kansas City Museum

A failure of the HVAC system that controls temperature and humidity inside Corinthian Hall caused water damage to roughly 1,000 square feet in isolated areas of the museum on Wed., January 11. Damages resulted in the museum’s temporary closure that will extend through March.

The good news, according to Kansas City Museum Executive Director Anna Marie Tutera, is that damage was limited to ceilings in the third, second and first floor, as well as the ceiling in the Soda Fountain. No exhibits or collections were impacted after the fault was discovered.

“We know that in a 113-year-old historic property, things fail,” Tutera said. “This has prompted us to take the time necessary now to reinforce all mechanical systems for upcoming enhanced operations like food and beverage, and exhibit interactives and media.”

For now, the March date remains in place.

“We’re optimistic that we may be able to reopen prior to that March date, but we wanted to give our team enough time, given supply chain issues, as well as systems delivery and installation,” said Chiluba Musonda, Deputy Director of Operations.

Progress updates will be released on the Museum’s website, kansascitymuseum.org, throughout the closure.