Michael Bushnell

Officials with the Kansas City Public Schools’ (KCPS) repurposing initiative have indicated that the proposals for the Scarritt School reuse plan have been tabled until the new school board is seated in June.

Proposals from Exact Architects and McGrew 405 Development were presented to a standing-room-only Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood meeting in January of this year.

Shannon Jaax, consultant for the district’s repurposing initiative said the delay was related to the seating of a new school board.

“We decided to wait until the new board was seated before bringing forward a recommendation,” Jaax said. “We’ve given the two teams additional time to address the outstanding issues that were raised by our internal team and by community members.”

No specific target date was set, but Jaax noted that the community would be notified prior to a recommendation being made to the board on which proposal would be selected.

For a look at the two proposals presented in January, click this link to our news coverage of that event. northeastnews.net/pages/redevelopment-plans-presented-for-scarritt-school-site