Michael Bushnell

The long-mothballed Scarritt Elementary School at 3509 Anderson Avenue is back on the open market as the Kansas City Public School District’s repurposing initiative is once again accepting redevelopment proposals for the aging school site.

In 2010, the district shuttered the school as part of its “right sizing” efforts and it was officially “mothballed” for possible future use. After almost a decade of sitting dormant, the district declared the site as surplus and listed the property for sale seeking redevelopment proposals.

In February, 2023 the district hosted a public meeting with the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association where two development teams presented their proposals for the site. Exact Architects presented a proposal that centered on housing and community space and start-up company 405 Development presented a plan centered on arts and maker space. Both proposals were contingent on securing Historic Tax Credits for the building.

Rosin Preservation was enlisted by the district to determine the schools eligibility for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Following feedback from the State Historic Preservation Office and additional independent research done by the development teams it was determined the projects were not viable based on not being able to rely on historic tax credits to assist in the financing of the projects. At that time both development teams withdrew their proposals.

In February, 2024 the district re-listed the property with Block Real Estate Services seeking new development proposals. A walk through of the building is scheduled for Tuesday April 30th at 10am. Pre-registration is required with Christel Highland with Block Real Estate Services, chighland@blockllc.com.For more information on the project or to submit a new proposal, visit the KCPS repurposing web site at: https://www.kcpublicschools.org/about/repurposing/school-site-info-details/~board/school-sites-repurposing/post/scarritt.