At this stage of the game in the ongoing pandemic, one thing is certain. Keeping things clean and sanitized is an integral part of staying healthy.

Enter Jeffery Norton, the General Manager of the Westlake Ace Hardware at 6200 Independence Avenue whose store just donated over $5,000 worth of hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes to the Independence Avenue CID for along the Avenue.

“We had an opportunity to help out the community and I think of the CID first every time these opportunities come around. They do a lot of good in our community so we try to help out as well.”

According to CID Spokesperson Mike Spady, the wipes and hand sanitizer is already being distributed to key business partners including Scuola Vita Nuova charter school and The Gathering Table at Children’s Memorial Lutheran Church, both considered higher risk locations in terms of the number of people who pass through daily.

“We’re trying to get the most impact with the resources we have,” said Spady. “Jeff and his crew really came through for us at a critical time.”

“This is community partnership at its best,” said Chamber President Bobbi Baker-Hughes.
“From Ace to the Chamber and CID and on to our businesses and their customers, our partners are everything.”