Nathan Lickteig was born on February 21, 1980 in Kansas City, Missouri. He lived in

Kansas City his whole life and was an avid fan of his city, especially of the Kansas City Chiefs! Nate spent most of his adult life in the Historic Northeast.

Nate was well known around the neighborhood. He was “assistant” pastor at Children’s Memorial Lutheran Church, a regular Dr. Doolittle at Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House (often found conversing with the chickens and kittens), and an active participant at Hope City. 

We could tell story after story about the many ways Nate touched our lives. Nate had such a great sense of humor and LOVED to have fun. He was a very gentle, creative, thoughtful, dancing man! Not only was he a friend to so many individuals, but he also unintentionally created a little community around him here in the Northeast. Nate is survived by his community, friends, and family. We thought we had lots of time to keep loving Nate… he will be missed so much. If you’d like to honor Nate, find a cat to love or a neighbor to hug.