DSCN9888By Sarah L. Lindsey
Editorial Assistant
Northeast News
April 1, 2016

If you’ve noticed the ongoing construction along Gladstone Boulevard in Concourse Park and have elementary school age children, then this update should make you grin with anticipation. The new embankment slide surface construction will finish on April 30th, 2016 with a slated opening later in May.

Leslie Caplan, president of the Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood, said that the progress of the embankment slide is right on target and the under-pavement will be poured down next week.

“There has not been a set date for the grand opening of the slide and park, but we are hoping for mid-May” said Caplan. “We are expecting the Mayor to be there and other elected officials and area community leaders that have been involved with building this slide.”

Caplan stated that this would be an awesome change for the neighborhood and given its location, it is going to be a place that children will be drawn to because there has not been anything like this in the Northeast area. Concourse Park she said, will start to attract a lot of people from outside of the Northeast area to come to this park and enjoy themselves.

“ It has been a great opportunity to work with Parks and Recreation on building this park for the neighborhood. There has been so much support from the residents, and  volunteers, it has just been wonderful.”

Watch The Northeast News on an anticipated grand opening celebration in mid-May.