Michael Bushnell

Seen in this Linen era, “Bursheen” finished, advertising postcard published by MWM, of Aurora, MO, is Bowman’s Restaurant, featuring chicken, steak dinners and cocktails. Note the sign on the front of the restaurant advertising Goetz Country Club Beer too!

Situated near the intersection of 15th street and Benton Boulevard, Bowman’s Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and Bar was one of many local hot spots that lined Truman Road during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The printed motto on the back reads: “Our restaurant never closes,” followed by the address 3210-3212 E. 15th Street.

Interestingly, the 1940 Kansas City, MO tax assessment photo shows a much smaller storefront than is shown on the promotional postcard. The restaurant was right next door to the DeTar Motor Company, a used car dealer at 3206-3208 E. 15th Street.

However, Urban Renewal took its toll and the construction of the new Southeast Freeway called for the demolition of the family run restaurant in the early 1960’s. No evidence of the building remains today as the site became part of an overpass abutment for
Interstate 70.