By Erin William, Editorial Assistant  

Today, voters are gathering at polls across the city to vote for City Council candidates. One of the voting locations in the Northeast is the St. Anthony Parish’s St. Joseph Hall on Lexington Avenue. Here, dozens of campaign workers sit along the sidewalks hoping to influence voters as they enter the polls.

Waiting on the sidewalk with her son by her side was one of the voters named Bandy Granados, a leader with KC Tenants Power. 

“It’s really important to have more candidates understand that rent’s too darn high right now,” Granados said. “If we don’t do something about rents, none of us will be able to live in Kansas City in five years.”

Moreover, to Granados, teaching the next generation to vote is just as important. At the Saint Anthony Parish poll location, children are able to practice “pressing the buttons and voting.” When Granados’ son, Jude Griffith, was asked the importance of voting, he cleverly responded, “So our country doesn’t go completely bonkers.”

Another voter waiting on the sidewalk was Brynne Musser, who actually created a voter guide to encourage others to vote as well. Musser started creating voter guides about five years ago because she found it really difficult to find information about the judges. Today, Musser’s City Council 2023 Election voter guide has had over 2,000 clicks thus far. 

“Voting is an exercise in hope,” Musser explained. 

Farther down the sidewalk was Carol Coles. In her hand, Coles carried a large clipboard filled with signatures to put an issue on the November ballot so minimum wage is raised to $15 an hour and “businesses allow employees to accrue paid family leave one hour for every 30 hours that they work”.

Although at the St. Anthony Parish location to collect signatures for her petition, earlier today Coles was able to cast her vote at the Union Station location.

“I really believe early voting is very helpful to lots of us,” Coles said. “Employers are supposed to allow you time to vote every election, not all of them make that very convenient,” which is why taking advantage of the early voting option ensures citizens’ “voices can be heard in this area.”

Polls are open until 7 p.m. today, June 20. To find voting locations and a sample ballot, visit