Concourse Park. The Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association hosted their Annual Easter Egg Hunt again this year. Guests got to interact with KCPD’s Mounted Patrol. photo by Elizabeth Orosco



Kessler Park. Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt in Kessler Park. Kids looked for eggs throughout the park west of the reservoir, including in trees. photo by Elizabeth Orosco



Budd Park. On Saturday, April 20, The Mattie Rhodes Center organized Easter Games at Budd Park. Dozens of kids spent the morning in the park playing soccer, disc golf, and lawn darts. There were also two Easter Egg hunts. Bike Walk KC was present, and they created an obstacle course on the tennis courts, and offered lessons in bicycle riding safety. photo by Bryan Stalder



Lykins Square Park. The International House Of Prayer and A.C.T.S. Ministries hosted a large event in Lykins Square Park on Saturday. The event included food, pony rides, two bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, numerous tents offering resources to the community, and a large tent for ministry. photo by Bryan Stalder