StoneLion Puppet Theatre showcases out their hand built crane puppet in tribute of Crane Brewing for supplying beer tastings throughout the event. Photo contributed by StoneLion Puppet Theatre.

On Saturday, April 30, local artists in Northeast Kansas City opened their studios to the community. The event organized by Northeast Arts KC, featured several brick-and-mortar studios and guest artists at seven gallery spaces. Art enthusiasts attended the self guided tour, stopping at each location to engage in talks with local artists, create art and watch live demonstrations.

Drum Tribe performs at StoneLion Puppet Theatre on their outdoor stage. Photo contributed by StoneLion Puppet Theatre.
Staff and volunteers in the StoneLion Puppet Theatre warehouse. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Illustrator Kate Barsotti uses Japanese pens dipped in ink to bring her creatures to life at The Growlery in Columbus Park. Photo by Abby Hoover.
Rebecca Koop of Back Door Pottery on St. John gives a tour of her studio. Photo by Abby Hoover.
Artist Margarita Friedman poses at The EGG with her work inspired by local students. Photo by Abby Hoover.
Northeast High School students display their artwork at The EGG. Photo by Abby Hoover.
Tourist view works by Jeff Burk at the Kansas City Society For Contemporary Photography located inside Pendleton Arts Block on Independence Ave. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Gary Reed (artist volunteer) and Angie Jennings (KCSCP President) stand in front of featured photographs from Jeff Burk at the Kansas City Society For Contemporary Photography. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Evie Craig, Executive Director of The Arts Asylum shares background history of Pendleton Arts Block and plans for future use of the gallery space with visiting tourist. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Sierra Faust, resident artist at Pendleton Arts Block, shares the method behind her work with visiting guests. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Pendleton Arts Block resident artists from left to right; Keyon Woods, Xavier Gayden, Bethany Alzanadi, Sierra Faust and Shamari Robbs pictured with Evie Craig (center).
Sala De Arte founder, Phyllis Hernandez discusses her gallery’s mission with visiting guests at 4828 E Ninth St. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Phyllis Hernandez and Northeast resident artist, Hector Casanova pose in front of area artists’ work at Sala De Arte. Photo by Bethany Alzanadi.
Artist Michael Schliefke poses with his matador inspired paintings at Schliefkevision Painting Studio at 104 Askew Ave. Photo by Abby Hoover.