Officials with Pratt, Kansas based Oz Housing LLC have released plans for a multi-million dollar redevelopment plan for the Hardesty federal complex located at Independence Avenue and Hardesty yesterday.

Harry Monte with the design firm of Short and Associates said in a written release this week that the plans are to retain the building’s historic character while developing market rate loft apartments. “The Hardesty complex has such a rich history and is an iconic landmark in the Northeast community,” Monte said. “We’re excited about developing the property through the use of Green technologies.”

While a majority of the project will be market rate housing, Affordable Housing Tax Credits will be sought in order to make the project financially viable.

The company released this rendering this week that shows the new colors of the building, complete with a welcoming yellow brick road sidewalk that will front the project on Hardesty as well as Independence Avenue.

The project includes green space for sustainable food growing such as orchards with fruit trees as well as an area set aside for urban farming where domestic animals such as goats and sheep can be raised for milk, cheese and wool.

Northeast resident Frank Morgan was excited about the project. “I really have a heart for projects like this,” Morgan said. “I just hope they have the courage and the brains to see it through,” Morgan said, noting the other projects at the site that have fallen short on completion.

Jack Haley, a spokesperson for the construction firm of Bolger & Lahr said groundbreaking could be as soon as June, depending on the Spring storm season.

Oz Housing Principal Joe King indicated that more details would be released later this month.