Michael Bushnell

The Paseo West Neighborhood is a rich, historical community with commercial development — dating back to Kansas City’s earliest days, following its 1850 incorporation. 

This neighborhood has a strong sense of growing community, which elevates its visibility. As more of its business and residential base has exited to the suburbs, signs of urban blight have slowly chipped away at its solid foundation. 

Its neighborhood association works diligently with its many community partners to improve the quality of life in the area. This includes creating safer and more accessible spaces for residential navigation between pedestrians and motorists along the roadways. 

Some of Paseo West’s more notable landmarks involve Calvary Baptist Church, the historic, and newly re-aligned, Paseo Boulevard — with its numerous memorials to Kansas City’s Parks and Boulevard system advocates — and Margaret Kemp Park, which overlooks the downtown skyline from 10th and Holmes. 

The Paseo West neighborhood is bordered by The Paseo to the east, I-70/35 to the west, Independence Avenue and Belvedere Park to the north and 12th street to the south. Neighborhood Association meetings are held at 9:30 a.m., every other fourth Wednesday at the Beehive, 700 The Paseo.

In the heart of Paseo West are several historic landmarks, such as the First Church of Christ, Scientist and Calvary Baptist Church. These landmarks have a rich history and have contributed to the community in various ways.