By Paul Thompson

Northeast News

April 27, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – The NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative would like assistance from Historic Northeast residents in identifying some of the most violent portions of the area.

To that end, the group is asking residents to become part of the solution by utilizing a public input web map to point out areas where they don’t feel safe. Interested residents can provide their input on high-crime clusters within the Northeast until Friday, April 28.

Jackson County COMBAT Director Stacey Daniels-Young told the Northeast News on Thursday, April 27 that the public input map has already seen more than 100 responses from area residents. Because the last meeting of the NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative was held during normal working hours, Daniels-Young said that the online forum is a good way to reach as many engaged neighbors as possible.

“This way, we are getting the feedback so we can see what people are saying,” said Daniels-Young. “That will help us determine where to draw our attention.”

Partners involved with the NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative include Kansas City Public Schools, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, and the Independence Avenue CID. Daniels-Young said that she’s been surprised but thankful about the interest that the populace has shown in the public input map and the NE KC Violence Reduction Initiative as a whole.

“People were very vocal when we met in person,” said Daniels-Young. “It was surprising that people really paid attention to it.”

A link to the public input map can be found here.