The majestic iron front gates of the Kansas City Museum swung open once again for guests after a six month closure.

For the first time on over six months, the front gates of the Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall are open to visitors.

The museum closed in January after the failure of an HVAC component that regulates humidity levels for the exhibit space.

Two of the first guests to the museum were Susan and her daughter Trianna from Brea California. “This is a beautiful space,” Susan said. “In California we can’t build with brick because of the quakes, so any time we see brick, we have to check it out. I’ve been to 42 states and this week we’re doing Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. It looks so beautiful and the architecture here in the neighborhood is wonderful.”

All the way from Brea, California, Susan (L) and her daughter Trianna visit the Kansas City Museum

The Museum will be open regular hours, Thursday through Sundays with special events coming up next weekend with the Friday night concert on the lawn and the Saturday morning yoga programs resuming on the 15th.

For the low-down on the mechanical failure that caused the closure, check out last week’s podcast with Operations Director Chilbua Musonda and Operations Coordinator Zac Laman here:

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