DaRon McGee/house.mo.gov


Missouri Representative, DaRon McGee (D) of District 36, submitted a letter of resignation Monday evening, after allegations of McGee pursuing an unwanted relationship with an employee surfaced.

According to the Journal of the Missouri House of Representatives, a mandated reporter contacted the Missouri House of Representatives Divison of Administration to report allegations that McGee attempted to engage in an amorous relationship with a House employee whom he supervised.

The House then engaged outside counsel to investigate the report.

The employee, McGee, and other witnesses were interviewed as part of the counsel’s investigation. A report was submitted to the Chief Clerk on January 21, 2019 and forwarded to the Committee of Ethics.

After reviewing the report, the Committee then voted (9-1) on February 2, 2019, to proceed to a preliminary hearing.

A subpoena was issued for electronic communication between McGee and the employee. A series of text messages were found between McGee and the employee, several of them instigated by McGee were “flirtatious in nature” and gave the appearance that McGee was attempting to establish an amorous relationship with the employee.

The Committee found, based on the evidence that McGee made repeated communications with the employee over the course of at least ten months that were attempts to engage in an amorous relationship, there was no evidence that the two engaged in the relationship, the attempts were not welcomed by the employee, and McGee then took further action which resulted in the termination of the employee.

The Journal states that “the actions involving the employee were unbecoming of a representative, and that the actions constitute ethical misconduct of sufficient severity to warrant censure.

The Committee voted (8-0) April 24, 2019 to resolve the matter by recommending that the House of Representatives censure McGee for his actions.

Monday, April 29, McGee submitted his letter of resignation which stated:

“I have accepted an employment position in Kansas City, Missouri which will, unfortunately, cause me to return to my district full-time. As such, pursuant to RSMo. 21.090, I regrettably submit my resignation as District 36 State Representative effective immediately. It has been an honor to serve.”