Oh-where-oh-where has Jean Peters-Baker gone, oh-where-oh-where can she be?

Where’s Waldo?

This civics minded News Dog would certainly like to know, given representatives of our organization as well as representatives of the Northeast Chamber of Commerce have repeatedly attempted to reach the prosecutor and invite her to a moderated candidate’s forum on the evening of October 29. Over eight attempts have been made by three separate individuals since the first days of September, to be exact, but we’ve yet to hear a peep from the sitting prosecutor.


Given the implied bias this News Dog would have had moderating that forum, we even secured an independent moderator just to level the playing field should she choose to come and answer questions from the constituents she claims to serve. We weren’t even given the common courtesy of a response, negative or otherwise.

Her challenger Tracey Chappell’s campaign team let us know quickly and in no uncertain terms that they would indeed welcome the opportunity to engage the Historic Northeast community as we are a valued and active part of the Jackson County populace.

Not Mean Jean, though. Why? She’s afraid. Time and time again, dangerous criminals have been rolled out by her office to terrorize the law abiding citizens of Northeast until their scheduled trial date. Criminals like DeAndre Buchanan, Tyler Sutton and Darrel Greenfield to name a few. The fact of the matter is she despises Northeast because our residents will hold her feet to the fire when it comes to locking up violent criminals.

This conservative News Dog has taken Peters-Baker to task repeatedly for her prosecutorial inaction that has literally cost people their lives in Jackson County – most recently in our January 29, 2020, edition for her idiotic comments following the first shooting at the Club 9 Ultra Lounge out at 40 Highway and Noland Road.

That shooting took the life of 25-year-old Raeven Parks. Peters-Baker was quick to the waiting media cameras, ridiculously blaming the NRA for the shooting instead of placing blame squarely on her own office’s inability to put a known violent felon, one Jahron Swift, a “frequent flyer” with the Jackson County justice system, in jail for his prior and lengthy criminal record. The Dog gave a quick rundown of Swift’s record in a follow-up editorial. Here’s a quick refresher for those who have forgotten:


The Dog actually won a Blue Ribbon from the Missouri Press Association for an expertly penned 2017 editorial, profiling Peters-Baker’s refusal to use all the tools, federal and otherwise, to keep bad people off the streets in Jackson County.

Speaking of prosecution, how bad does it look when the United States Attorney General picks your county to launch a huge, multi-jurisdiction federal prosecutorial push to get violent criminals off the street in Kansas City and Jackson County? Talk about the ultimate slap in the face to a prosecutor whose ineptitude is only surpassed by her ineffectiveness. Actually having the feds swoop in and have to school you on how to put violent criminals in jail for a very long time? Seriously, how bad do you really have to be? Well, off-the-charts bad according to a number of LEO-types this Dog talked with who literally laughed and shook their head in disbelief when her name was brought up in reference to Operation LeGend.

Here’s the bottom line. Jean Peters-Baker could have had an open and honest conversation with the citizens of Historic Northeast Kansas City at an independent, unbiased location by attending a moderated candidate forum, answering questions from constituents along with her Republican opponent Tracey Chappell, an open forum not moderated by this News Dog in the interest of fairness. But Mean Jean chose to not even acknowledge eight separate invitations sent by the News Dog, our Managing Editor, even the President and CEO of the Northeast Chamber of Commerce, who attempted to directly contact the incumbent prosecutor through social media. Every attempt was ghosted.

You can’t hide, Madame Prosecutor. Your abysmal record speaks for you.