It isn’t that often that I agree with you but on the subject of Jean Peters Baker we are in agreement. Her ineffectiveness in office is a continuance of practices going back at least as far as Bob Baird. He was the first in a long string of Jackson County Prosecutors that were anointed rather than elected. For decades now it has been practice for the JACO Prosecutor to leave office before their term was up and a new Prosecutor appointed in their place by the powers that be in the county. This has given us a string of people in that office that have not been connected to nor beholden to the citizens. These appointments being part of the Democratic party insured their reelection until scandal or advancement gave rise to their leaving before their term was up so the cycle could continue. We can hope that enough people will realize that the party label in this case must be overlooked and vote for Tracey Chappell for a change, for accountability, for transparency and for competency. The unethical practices in the JACO Prosecutors office are not confined to Jean Peter-Baker and a change in culture is required. Tracey Chappell will bring that change and restore confidence in the office. Yes, many of the voters have known Jean Peters-Baker for a long time and like the person but if they care for her it is time for an intervention.

Jeffery C. Humfeld