Thank you for giving the people of Northeast an opportunity to express their views on fireworks! They have been illegal in Kansas City, Mo., for as long as I can remember and I am 74 years old.

We also broke that law in the 1950’s because my parents would let us have sparklers under close supervision. Nothing else. And my parents also despised firecrackers because they, too, were animal lovers and they worried most about how terrified the animals were of the loud noise of firecrackers and the danger to people who lit them as they could (and did) sometimes cause great harm to people.

My neighborhood here is one of the worst offenders. We have had firecrackers going off every night/day for weeks and it will only get worse. I see no point in hearing something that sounds like guns or cannons or bombs! And I worry most about all the animals, including the birds and squirrels who get scared to death.

I have never understood why selling fireworks is allowed in any/all cities nor why nothing is ever done to discourage people from buying and using them. I am very sorry to have to say that our police department ignores their use. I have emailed our two community liaison officers and also KMBC (channel 9) News in recent weeks but have not gotten one reply. I will also say that professional fireworks displays are beautiful to see but are for professionals only!

And NO LOUD FIRECRACKERS EVER! Thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind!

Northeast resident
for 12 years