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Over Thanksgiving weekend, nearly $15,000 worth of boxing equipment was stolen from Whatsoever Community Center’s amateur boxing club at 1201 Ewing.

“This was really a kick in the gut,” said Charlie Gascich, executive director of Whatsoever Community Center.

Thieves broke in and stole over 50 sets of training gloves and head gear, also leaving significant physical damage to the boxing club. Under normal circumstances, between 30 and 40 youth train at the center daily.

“Not alone the loss of all the boxing gears that the youth use daily, but just the thought that there are people out there that would do such a thing,” Gascich said. “A lot of people helped us get the gear so we can have a safe place for our kids to participate in something that helps them with their health physically and mentally.”

The center is raising money to replace the equipment. According to coaches, the needless theft has truly impacted their youth who rely on the club to stay active and healthy.

Whatsoever Community Center supports the growth and development of families by providing a variety of programs for children, youth and adults to build a solid foundation for life. 

“Just a shame, but we will just have to work our way through this and keep going forward,” Gascich said.