Luu Van Tran stands with his granddaughter next to his carving. Photo by Dorri Partain

Following the publication of our story “Eagle Carving Takes Flight” on January 12, we received this letter from the artist, Luu Van Tran, explaining his work. Unfortunately during the process of communication, we attributed his work to the wrong family member, his wife Dong Thi.

My first words are to saying Thank You for all the stories about our family, I also want you to understand more about my carving.

When I think of or look at my carving, my first job is thank be to God who gave me the luckiest people of very much people to have opportunity prove my skill. When I look at a big oak, I saw an eagle with wings raised, but afraid that my self have enough strength to make it, because when I start to make it I was 70 years old. How to make it? But I believed in God will give me strength and tutorial as bring peace for me, because when I make it this tree very big and tall. It will be dangerous if not careful. I decided to make it. I set the subject as “King of the sky vs. King cobra” and I go buy the tools to start and finished now eight months later. I also think that my self left something on the U.S. and everyone enjoyed.

When you (Dorri) go into our home, you were give our family many enjoyed. My name is Luu Tran. When we get your papers, my wife very surprised. Why is Dong Thi? I joke that, I made but you get everyone know your name and then everyone laughs. I’m still working and almost enough 40 credits to retired. Once again thanks.

Friendly welcome, Luu Van Tran