By Ingrid Burnett,

District 19 State Representative

There are times in in a person’s life when the honorable thing to do is to put aside your personal ambition, and direct your attention to your family. Our Governor is in a position to do that now, but he hasn’t.

Ingrid Burnett

Regardless of his opinion that others are trying to dismantle his noble agenda for Missouri, there are too many indicators that he was imprudent and reckless with his status and position. People were hurt, and he has yet to take any responsibility for that. Rather, he engages in victim blaming and accusations of political attack, and his family is put in the untenable position of trying to defend him. In the meantime, the legislative body grapples with developing major pieces of legislation that threaten workers’ rights, hamper citizens’ ability to access Missouri courts system, and interfere with the free market with special tax cuts to big businesses. Do we really want to trust these decisions to someone so blinded by his ambition, that he fails to recognize the consequences his actions have on the people who are closest to him?

As the 2018 session continues, we can probably expect more maneuvering to advance ambition over public welfare. Many lawmakers are calling for impeachment proceedings. Impeachment is not a process to be taken lightly nor one that should be pursued with political motive or for partisan gain. Should we proceed with such, then we should demand that the leadership act swiftly and decisively so that we can restore integrity to the executive branch, and get back to the business of determining the most efficient, and equitable use of the revenue we receive from our hard working families in Missouri.

“Ambition is a good servant, but a bad master,” (Wise Old Sayings). Being able to decipher the difference is a critical skill of a leader. I am disheartened that Governor Greitens has not heeded the calls for his resignation. In the coming days and weeks, every member of the House of Representatives will need to study the evidence and let their consciences determine whether they believe impeachment is appropriate. I would rather be working on issues that directly impact the quality of life for our citizens.