EllieAna Hale
Political reporter

The municipal election is right around the corner on June 20, and early voting has already begun.
The Northeast News has taken a new approach to spreading electoral and voting information by creating a series of videos where candidates share a quick analysis of each of their main goals.
With 15 out of 24 council candidates participating in various districts, topics ranging from public safety, the concept of co-governance and infrastructure took place throughout the series.
The KC community can expect to hear from the following candidates:

1st District At Large
Ronda Smith
Kevin O’Neill

2nd District At Large
Lindsay French
Jenay Manley

3rd District At Large

Melissa Patterson Hazley (MPH)
Brandon Ellington

4th In District
Henry Rizzo

4th District At Large
Crispin Rea
Justin Short

5th In District
Michael Kelley
Darrell Curls

6th In District
Johnathan Duncan

6th District At Large
Jill Sasse
Andrea Bough

Clay Chastain

All candidates were given the equal opportunity to be involved in the project through various attempts at contact. Some candidates, despite repeated attempts, failed to respond to interview requests and in some cases failed to show up for a scheduled interview.

These videos are being posted to Northeast News social media channels as the election nears, where readers can also find voting information.

On the third Tuesday in June, Kansas City voters will cast a vote for mayor, and for six at-large council members. Additionally, individuals will then select the in-district candidate of their choice.

The new council could hold many new faces, as all 12 seats are up for grabs, as well as the replacement of six termed-out council-members, including the following: Katheryn Shields (4th District At Large), Heather Hall (1st In District), Teresea Loar (2nd In District), Kevin McManus (6th In District), Lee Barnes (5th District At Large), and Dan Fowler (2nd In District).

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