EllieAna Hale
Community Engagement Intern & Reporter

The Kansas City Public Library, North-East branch, is launching a program called English for the Missouri Driver License Written Exam, a 6-week course starting on January 27. The course will be reoccurring on Saturdays at 11 a.m. 

This particular program is included in a series of classes under the umbrella of the Kansas City Public Library’s Refugee and Immigrant Services and Empowerment (RISE) programming.

The course will cover topics and vocabulary found on the Missouri Driver’s License exam, as well as what individuals need to bring to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) office on the day of the exam. The purpose of the class is to better prepare individuals to feel secure to take on the road. 

The program is designed for anyone over the age of 14 preparing for the Missouri Driver License Written Exam, particularly refugees, immigrants, and those who never had formal driver’s education.

The initiative aims to address the lack of driver’s education in schools and assist those facing language barriers.

“We designed it for refugees and immigrants because some people have never learned to drive where they were before they weren’t here, and then we discovered that they’re no longer teaching driver’s education in schools,” Julie Robinson, the Library’s Refugee & Immigrant Outreach Services Manager said. “So we then decided that we would add anyone 14 and above that has never had a driver’s license before.”

Registration for the classes is required and can be completed by calling 816-701-3766 or emailing RISE@KClibrary.org. The class will take place at the North-East Branch Library at 6000 Wilson Road. The library encourages registration as soon as possible to ensure that participants secure a spot in the program. 

By offering this valuable program, the Kansas City Public Library strives to make the roads more accessible and safer for everyone in the community.