Julia Williams and RobyLane Kelley
Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Intern 

Next week we will present a new feature — Affordable Housing. 

The housing cost epidemic continues to impact renters and homeowners within communities on both a national and local scale — including Northeast Kansas City. 

Lykins Square Park | Photo by Julia Williams

On average, 70% of low-income families spend more than half their income on rent and housing costs, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. 

Not only has rent cost escalated, there is a continued deficit in affordable homes available to those in need. 

A lot above Lykins Square Park | Photo by Julia Williams

However, developers and organizations — including Arnold Development Group and Habitat for Humanity — actively work to combat this upsurge within Northeast neighborhoods.

Habitat for Humanity plans to construct eight, 1100 square-foot, single-family homes on two lots that overlook Lykins Square Park.

Historic Northeast Lofts — on the corner of Hardesty and Independence | Photo by Julia Williams

Additionally, Jonathan Arnold — along with his team Arnold Development Group — has acquired Historic Northeast Lofts on the corner of Independence and Hardesty Avenues. Previously used as self-storage, Arnold Development plans to revamp this structure into affordable living spaces for residents.

This multi-phase, solar-powered  project will offer accessibility, on-site daycare, amenities and parking, among other benefits. 

For additional information on these affordable housing developments, check out the July 17 issue of the Northeast News.