Abby Hoover
Managing Editor

The Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s International Taste and Tour returns on September 18!

While this year’s event will be different from years past, Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Bobbi Baker-Hughes said it will be a great change to where people can still come out and enjoy the food and everything that accompanies it.

“It’s our intention to have a small food truck rodeo at the corner of Independence Avenue and Prospect,” Baker-Hughes said, adding that they’re excited to partner with the property owners along the avenue. “There’s a greenspace there, as well as some paved asphalt area that the food trucks will go on.”

Baker-Hughes said they’ve gotten commitments from several artists who will be set up in addition to entertainment. It will resemble a world bazaar with different items available for purchase.

“I’m pretty excited about just being able to celebrate tasting food,” Baker-Hughes said. “It’s an outside event. It’s open for shopping, it’s open for buying lunch.”

They’re working very hard to get an array of cuisine for the event that aren’t usually found in food trucks on the avenue. Baker-Hughes said they are looking at relatively new food trucks, trying to give them a hand up.
This year’s International Taste and Tour will include the opportunity to tour the Historic Northeast’s landmarks on a trolley.

“We’re going to take that trolley and check out the neighborhood,” Baker-Hughes said. “We’ll be touring some of the great murals, and you know, of course we always tour down by the museum.”

With the Kansas City Museum reopening in October after an extensive restoration project, Baker-Hughes said there’s no better time to see it and get excited.

“The trolley is a real perk, especially for those from outside the Kansas City area or the Northeast area,” Baker-Hughes said. “I think people are always wanting to do a little cruise but don’t know where to cruise to, so we’re planning a great route.”

While admission to the event is free, the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce recommends those who want to take the trolley tour should visit their Eventbrite page to reserve their spot.

“I think what’s important about it is the way that we’re doing it because of the fact that we’re still in COVID,” Baker-Hughes said. “We just chose to not do an indoor event where we would have masks and potentially physical distancing issues.”

Not only does the event expose guests to the tastes and smells of diverse cultures, it creates exposure and even business for the artists, entertainers, food trucks and businesses working at the event.

“I think that it’s going to be a grand event,” Baker-Hughes said.
The International Taste and Tour will run from 2 to 6 p.m. on September 18 near the intersection of Prospect and Independence avenues, featuring a trolley tour, food trucks, live music, artist booths, butterfly gardens and more.