Residents of the Historic Northeast and beyond have the opportunity to attend the second 2023 International Taste and Tour on Independence Avenue on Friday, September 8, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The tour, hosted by the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, will visit restaurants with a variety of cultural foods and drinks. Visitors will have an opportunity to explore the Soma Shopping Center, visit two coffee shops, a Mexican bakery and a Mexican grocer, among other local favorites.

The tour will kick off at the American Sons of Columbus, 2415 Independence Avenue, where attendees will have a Polaroid taken as a “passport photo,” and pasted in a tour guide book. Then they will board a tour bus prepared to enjoy good food, support local businesses, and see the Northeast’s growth firsthand.

With seven stops on the tour, it is an experience that has something for everyone. The two shuttle buses will make continual rounds on the route to bring attendees to their desired stops, and allow them, as Chamber member Gary Goebel said, “to get a real feel for the restaurant.” 

This year, the Chamber divided the ever-growing multicultural tour into two dates, the first being June 8, when lovers of food and culture looking to explore the Northeast made eight stops along a different section of the Avenue.

The Chamber is excited to show off its International Marketplace’s tasty restaurants and coffee shops. The trolley will make multiple stops from which visitors can walk to a variety of restaurants. Visitors can purchase tickets prior to the event for $25 at, and at the door for $30.

All of the restaurants included on this tour are members of the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for your continued support!