Dorri Partain 
Assistant Editor

The Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) oversees improvements along Independence Avenue. Improvements include trash collection, beautification, and assistance in a program referred to as GRIME, CRIME & CHIME. The CID’s crew of ten street Ambassadors includes Jackson David, who has been a familiar face on the avenue for the past 11 years.

Just past the age of retirement, David continues working on a part-time schedule, ensuring Zone 1- from The Paseo to Chestnut Trafficway- is cared for by picking up trash and maintaining flower beds.  Team Lead Manager Laura Birdsong states, “He is a huge asset to our team.”

Native to the African nation of Liberia, David immigrated to the United States twenty years ago and lives in the Historic Northeast’s Pendleton Heights neighborhood. As a CID street Ambassador, David said he loves that his job enables him to give back to the community that is his home, which includes cleaning the alleyways of the trash that’s left behind. “You can see the difference when we are done,” David said of the work that he and other crew members complete.

His favorite part of working for the CID as an Ambassador is the family atmosphere between the staff and crew. “We all love and take care of each other here,” David said. He said he also especially enjoys working in Zone 1. “Everyone is very friendly; they (drivers) stop and offer water when it’s hot. Or coffee when it’s cold,” said David.

On weekends, David enjoys meeting with friends and going to the park to watch soccer games. On Sundays, they fire up the BBQ grill, cook hotdogs, and just hang out together. He also enjoys listening to African music.

Be sure to say Hi and Thank You if you see Jackson working on Independence Avenue!