What Does Community News Do For You?
Community journalism addresses issues close to home, particularly within neighborhoods. This is a local form of storytelling — delving into individuals, businesses, diversity and issues pertaining to condensed areas. It hones in on the news value “proximity” in all its forms. Most importantly, it gives a voice to under covered and underserved sectors, while also maintaining Journalism’s Code of Ethics.

How You Can Support?
The best way to support community journalism is to get involved. This is achieved by subscribing to newspapers and newsletters, following local media outlets on social media, purchasing advertising space in non-profit papers and attending local events.

Want to Help Sponsor Northeast News?
For those interested, becoming a sponsor or advertiser is a great way to support community journalism. We offer an array of advertising options, which are available on our website. Additionally, feel free to stop by the newsroom — we would love to meet with you and discuss in person, or reach us at northeastnewskc@gmail.com.

Thank you to these Northeast Chamber of Commerce members, for your continuous support throughout the years. Thanks to you, we are able to continue publishing this free weekly newspaper!