Michael Bushnell
Northeast News

Things were certainly hopping last night about 7:30 pm on Independence Avenue between Maple Boulevard and Garfield Avenue. In the picture on the Left, four KCPD vehicles can be seen in the parking lot of the BP at Independence and Maple. In the picture on the Right, at least three KCPD units offer back up to a traffic stop that culminated in the BP parking lot. The stepped up presence and enforcement is in response to last Saturday’s community meeting where residents defined specific target areas that warranted increased Police attention. No word back from PD on the number of arrests that were made or detentions that occurred but witnesses indicated the attention seemed to focus on “the wall” area on the north side of Independence that has lately been a magnet for loitering, crime and drug related activity. Earlier in the day Independence Avenue CID Angels advised business owners in the vicinity of stepped up enforcement efforts by KCPD.