Market. Tortilleria San Antonio, which recently opened at 2962 Independence Ave., is the second location for its owners, the other sitting in Kansas City, Kan. Joe Jarosz

By Joe Jarosz
Northeast News
September 17, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Tortilleria San Antonio has been a staple in Kansas City, Kan., since 2005.

After opening a second location in Northeast Kansas City, Mo. over Labor Day weekend, management hopes to transfer the excitement of the original to their latest store.

Esmeralda Gonzalez, one of the managers of Tortilleria San Antonio, said the KCK store first opened in 2005, primarily selling just tacos and tamales, as well as making homemade tortillas. The family-owned business started with one machine that made both flour and corn tortillas. Soon, the family added the meat market and expanded its operations.

“The family started from the ground up,” Gonzalez said.

Since then, the store has gathered a following, especially for their tacos. Gonzalez said the decision to expand came from the store’s Latino cliental asking them to open a store in Missouri.

“We were looking to open a second store with a smaller footprint,” Gonzalez said, when the building at 2962 Independence Ave. became available, they knew where they needed to be. “A lot of people are excited because of how many cultures there are in the area.”

The store, which is bigger than its KCK location, has more groceries available and also boasts a dining area, fresh meat and produce and a taco service cart for catering. Once everything gets settled, Gonzalez said there will be an official grand opening, but a date has not yet been determined for it yet.

“We’ve got great customer service and competitive prices,” Gonzalez said. “We’re excited about this new venture.”

Tortilleria San Antonio is open daily from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.