Bryan Stalder
Northeast News
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Residents in the Northeast are extremely privileged to have immediate access to so many great parks and boulevards within our own community. There are a number of great locations to ride bicycles throughout the neighborhood including Cliff Drive in Kessler Park.

Cliff Drive runs along the north side of the Northeast communites and overlooks the trains and industry in the East Bottoms. It’s generally serene, and it provides a safe location to ride recreationally, or to avoid traffic if you’re thinking of commuting to work, or taking a trip to the River Market. Last year, a paved pathway connecting Cliff Drive to Berkley Riverfront Park was completed, making the park even more accessible for bike riders.

Riding a bicycle is not only a fun way to exercise, it’s also a great way to explore the city and reduce air pollution. When you ride your bicycle, you’ll notice things that you wouldn’t ordinarily appreciate if you were driving swiftly past it in a vehicle. It’s also a fun activity to do with your friends and family.

I have many friends who love riding their bicycles and do it every opportunity they get. I don’t have the time or passion to keep up with their frequent or rigourous rides, but I enjoy the times when I have the opportunity to join them for shorter rides around Northeast.

Another fun bike riding activity is renting bicycles from the RideKC Bike stations with my children and riding through parks in other parts of the city. Recently, my wife and I took our nephew to the River Market and rented three bicycles from the RideKC Bike station at 3rd Street and Grand Avenue. We rode the bicycles across the Town Of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge and took the elevator down to Berkley Riverfront Park along the Missouri River. It was an extremely casual ride, and we saw many people using the park; we even rode past an outdoor yoga class.

RideKC Bikes cost $2 for the first twenty minutes and 10¢ for each additional minute. Electric bikes are now available and feature pedal assist technology, which will help folks navigate some of Kansas City’s difficult hills. RideKC Scooters will also be available soon, which will be similar to other scooter rental services currently available in Kansas City.
All of these bikes can be located in real time through the Drop Mobility App, which is available for Apple and Android devices. When you download the app, you will receive a promo code for a free ride. Additionally, because June is “Pride Month,” the code “PRIDEKC” is good for one free ride as well.

In the summer months, the Mid-America Regional Council will declare “Ozone Alert” days, and promo codes for free RideKC Bike rides will be made available on social media @RideKCBike.

I told my nephew about some of the exciting new bike riding options coming to our city, and he couldn’t wait for our next bike ride. I truly believe this is an excellent program designed for people with different levels of fitness, and I encourage more folks to try it out with their friends.